About this site

This blog has been set up to allow me to write about the harmful effect religion has on society. It may have served a use at one time, but religion is a divisive and destructive influence on modern society.

The holy texts were written in a time when little was known about the earth, and people needed a way to explain things. So they created a god that could give a reason for the unexplained. We don’t need that god any more, we have scientists and philosophers.

A society based on science, reason and free thought will bring the best out of humankind. Not one that’s based on superstition and ancient myths.

Who is is aimed at?
I don’t expect to be able to convert believers into atheists.  I’d like my audience to be atheists who are tolerant of religion because they don’t believe it’s doing any harm. I’d like to be able to convince those people that religion is harmful and we shouldn’t just meekly put up with it.

Who is the author?
My name is Jeff. I’m in my forties, I live in the north of England.
For as long as I can remember I have been an atheist – but for much of that time I thought religion was harmless and didn’t worry about it. In the last few years my opinion has changed. I decided to add my voice to the growing number of like minded people on the internet.

What does Antitheism mean?
The Oxford English Dictionary says: “One opposed to belief in the existence of a God”.

Where does “Religion Poisons Everything” come from?
It comes from the title of a book by Christopher Hitchens: God is Not Great: How Religion Poisons Everything

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